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Ordered before and loved it, this time I was disappointed to find the food was cold, chicken was dry, potatoes in the katsu uncooked and rock hard, noodles bland and gyozas soggy and cold. Rang to complain and the service was appalling didn’t help and refuse to take our complaint and hung up on us telling us they couldn’t find our order! Absolutely shocking will never order again!!!!

Samantha Roberts, 21 Feb 2021

Excellent food last time and great website

Dave, 20 Feb 2021

You didn’t add the soy sauce and pickled ginger

Nicki, 17 Feb 2021

I'd pay a bit more if it came in a non plastic Bento box

Gary Williamson, 15 Feb 2021

Amazing every time!

Laura, 12 Feb 2021

Delivery late

Graham, 05 Feb 2021

Delivery late

Graham, 05 Feb 2021

Really enjoy it every time

Luis, 05 Feb 2021

Excellent service all round

Peter, 05 Feb 2021

Delivery not accurate- would.d help if it was. We have eaten food, yet it is still showing as delivery in 25 min.

Rachel, 30 Jan 2021

Please get someone with manners who answers your order calls. Just about to make an order but was very rude and didn’t know the menu and never ordered before. In the end had to put phone down and order from another local restaurant.

Shane, 29 Jan 2021

I’m sorry but the quality of your food was really poor, the sushi rice was over cooked and stodgy, as was the pad Thai, everything was lacking in flavour. Very disappointed

Emma, 29 Jan 2021

Been coming for over 2 years, never been disappointed once. Good food, service and value.

Jacque, 29 Jan 2021

We ordered our food at 6.36pm...through Uber Eats, it was due 25-40 minutes later. After 75 phone calls, at 3 hours 20 minutes later the food was delivered. We had no way to even cancel the order. Just had to sit their getting more and more frustrated! The lateness of the food left an awful bitter taste due to the delay of the actual delivery.... The food may have been delicious.... :( :( :(

Jeni, 23 Jan 2021

Can't comment on service speed or product quality because I've ordered ahead so its not arriving until later.

Kevin, 18 Jan 2021

Delicious food every time!

Nyomi, 15 Jan 2021

Always cooked to perfection

Noname, 08 Jan 2021

Great food as always, been coming for over 2 years and have never been disappointed once

Jacque, 08 Jan 2021

We love it here - it is our local go to for sushi! Would recommend to friends and family :)

Grace, 08 Jan 2021

I love this place

Cristina, 31 Dec 2020

We are so unloved with these sushies. They always fresh. Never been let down by them. And delivery always on time.

Edita, 31 Dec 2020

Excellent food as always, great prices and service too. Been coming here for over 2 years and haven’t been disappointed once.

Jacque Hutchings, 28 Dec 2020

Can't comment on today's as it has not yet arrived, but previously have always enjoyed meals from Osechi.

Janet, 28 Dec 2020

Great food, great price, great service!

Garth, 24 Dec 2020

Always great food

Peter, 20 Dec 2020

Always love a delivery from Osechi!

Rose, 19 Dec 2020